Online “jobs?” Kenya identified as hotbed of academic writing for Cheating British PhD Students

On a light note, this is independent confirmation that we have some serious brains in this country…


On Sunday, March 31, 2019, 1:30:02 PM GMT+3, peres wamukhula were via kictanet <[email protected]> wrote:

“The industry is worth hundreds of millions of pounds globally, and tens of millions in Britain,’ says Dr Thomas Lancaster of Imperial College London. 
‘Kenya is the hotbed where all the writing happens. There is high unemployment and a job working from home is coveted. They have good English and low overheads.
‘There are thousands of people in Kenya whose job is to write essays for cheating students. There are several writers in every apartment block.”
Here’s the full article:
 Cheating students are paying companies to write PhD theses via
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