Online discussion on social-economic impact of broadband in Kenya

Dear Listers,

IDC is conducting an assessment on the state of play and impact of
broadband in Kenya, broadly looking at the socio-economic impact on
consumers, businesses and various sectors like agriculture, education,
healthcare, finance and government. This assessment has been commissioned
by Huawei in collaboration with Ministry of ICT and the Communications
Authority. It has the overarching objective of supporting the policy making
process to develop broadband services and infrastructure throughout Kenya
and achieve substantial economic impact in the economy. Other partners in
the study include the ICT Authority and the National Communications

The assessment will involve a review of the current state of play in the
sector as well as gaining insights from a wide range of stakeholders on the
barriers and recommendations to increasing the impact of broadband. Among
the key stakeholders identified include KICTANET, from whose members IDC
will seek to gain civil society and other stakeholder perspectives
including real life examples of impact of broadband, challenges we face in
increasing impact of broadband and recommendations on interventions needed
to address the challenges identified. This will be conducted as an online
debate facilitated and moderated by KICTANET from 23rd to 26th April 2019.

Through the online discussion, we will also seek to understand the current
state of play of broadband in Kenya, including:

1. What barriers are there in increasing impact of broadband?
2. What recommendations can counter the barriers in increasing impact of
3. How is the sector regulated and what policies are in place? How is
the business environment for those who want to venture into provision of
broadband services?
4. How do we create the skills and demand and use cases for broadband?
5. What local content is there and is it having an impact or not? What
type of local content are we lacking?
6. How are users and businesses benefiting from broadband?
7. Any other issues.

Please note that lister may add any other issue on broadband that come to
mind. After the discussion, a summary report will be developed by KICTANET
which will subsequently be validated during a face to face meeting. IDC
will incorporate relevant findings into the broadband market assessment.

Mwendwa Kivuva.

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