New report: why COVID-19 vaccine “passports” threaten human rights

The question of protocol on travel has affect sovereignty of African nations; the vaccine manufacturing is also an equal area is violation where the WHO has failed the globe by failure to have remedial measures for member states. The reality of human rights start from denial of health rights, access of information to travel with proof of immunization.


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africans have always been required to travel with proof of immunization. i am not sure why it is now a big issue since its now affecting the west

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Dear Colleagues,

Access Now has published a new report, <> Protocol for exclusion: why COVID-19 vaccine “passports” threaten human rights, to help decision-makers ensure human rights are at the core of any new COVID-19 digital vaccine system, should be of interest. See the <> full report, and <> press release.

Feel free to get in touch with any questions, for further background information, or to arrange an interview with one of our Access Now experts.



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