On the 3rd March 2020, the Communications Authority of Kenya (CA) invited all stakeholders to submit their comments with respect to the Draft Dynamic Spectrum Access Framework for Authorisation of the Use of TV White Spaces. The following organizations are herewith submitting their comments with the common objective to help create a quality and affordable telecommunications service to all Kenyans, especially those in rural and underserved areas :

  • Kenya ICT Action Network (KICTANet)
  • Tunapanda
  • Association for Progressive Communications,
  • Internet Society.
  • Rhizomatica

General Comments

We welcome the fact that CA is moving forward with TVWS regulation and further that dynamic spectrum management may be considered for other bands in the future. Dynamic spectrum management has the potential to directly address the challenge of underutilised spectrum in rural areas.

We would like to urge CA to move forward with all reasonable haste in implementing TVWS regulation. The current pandemic has brought home to the world how important affordable access to communication when people’s movements are restricted. TVWS technology can enable network operators to offer innovative and affordable connectivity in underserved regions.

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