Huduma Bill 2021 - Coalition Submission Jan 2022.pdf

KICTANet developed and submitted a memorandum on The Huduma Bill 2021 as part of a coalition of Kenyan civil society organisations with expertise in issues of identification, civil registration, nationality rights, data protection and privacy, minority rights, children’s rights, human rights, and other related issues. The Huduma Bill is proposing the largest set of changes to the legal framework governing Kenya’s identification system since before independence. If enacted, the Huduma Bill would become the single law anchoring birth and death registration, issuance of identification cards, issuance of passports, and governance of the National Integrated Identity Management System (NIIMS, also referred to as Huduma Namba). As such, the draft legislation, system design, and all other decision points around NIIMS must be considered very carefully, comprehensively, and transparently.

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