The 5th edition of Kenya School of Internet Governance (KeSIG) took place from Monday 26th to Wednesday 28th October 2020. The programme comprised a three-day training where the KeSIG fellows were introduced to the basics of internet governance as well as topical and emerging issues in Kenya. Thereafter, fellows attended the Kenya Internet Governance Forum (KIGF) that also took place online on the fourth day. With the knowledge gained from the school, these fellows were able to meaningfully engage during KIGF by asking questions, networking with other attendees online, and articulate their positions on issues they are passionate about. It is KICTANet’s hope that they continue to give input to internet policymaking processes locally and globally. Due to the challenges brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, KeSIG 2020 was conducted virtually online through a self-paced eLearning material and webinars by industry speakers from different stakeholder groups. 85 participants were selected for this year’s training out of the 130 who applied for the training after a competitive and careful selection process. However, only 40 participants were active and completed all the required tasks needed to pass the training. Like previous years, the program had participants from other regions of East Affrica. The training adopted mixed methods such as online self-paced learning through Moodle, online tests, online Zoom presentations, and participatory activities through online group work.

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