M-Pesa is a critical resource that should never fail

Walu, Barrack,

We may not avoid failure with technical systems, but we surely should not
> be left without feasible alternatives in this day and age. Informing
> subscribers that “the database has refused” is incredible, particularly
> coming from a company that nets a profit of around Sh5 billion per month.

Simply put, I will know that MPESA is finally in the right hands once I see
that there is at least proper and well coordinated communication during
these downtimes. Broadcast a memo to all media houses to alert as a
breaking news. Alert the agents. Use AI to alert all subscribers in order
of frequency of use.

If it is down it is down so work to contain the damage to your subscribers
as you very well know that they do not have credible alternatives
otherwise. This denial mentality is childish.

It should only take a max of 5 secs to know that the system is not ok with
today’s monitoring systems, if well configured of course.



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