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Good Morning Listers,

We are on the penultimate lap of returning to normalcy, it’s widely
acknowledged that organizations and businesses will have to recalibrate
their modus operandi to cushion the impact of post covid.

Besides mindset change, this will also call for a ground up reshaping of
how decisions are made.

Data Driven Decisioning is poised to take centre stage. Here is yet another
innovative tool from our Predictive Analytics Lab to help businesses make

Sign up here free of charge gis.predictiveanalytics.co.ke/ to try
explore the open version and get in touch with us for a demonstration on
how to leverage the tool for your industry.

The enterprise solution has embeded Algorithms and Datasets with an
interphase to curate ones needs.
The Data sets loaded include Latest Census Data(2019), Traffic Movement
data, Points of Intrests (Banks, Hospitals, Police Stations etc), Twitter
Sentiment Analysis, Weather Data, Telco Towers Locations talk to us if you

Kind Regards

Timothy Oriedo
Data Scientist
Predictive Analytics Lab

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