Local IXP (KIXP) peering and Local traffic

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> Anyone here from Tespok or CA shed some light.
> I have a question on what governs local ISP peering in Kenya. There is
> KIXP at EADC which was set up so to keep local traffic local. Is it open to
> international carriers like Seacom, Tata, Etisalat, Hurricane electric,
> China Telkom and others who are present at EADC?
> The reason I ask is if you take service, IP transit service from any of
> the carriers and you are not peering at KIXP your IPs (Local traffic) go
> all the way to either France or UAE and back to Kenya while they could have
> just peered at KIXP and offer faster and “affordable” connections. It makes
> no sense for a connection to ecitizen or a server hosted locally at say
> Node Africa to have to go to IXPs in other countries and brought back to
> Kenya getting treated and charged as international traffic.

Mmmm… can you share the traceroutes, perhaps it could be a routing policy
but I know that most of them do keep traffic bound to the local internet
local as long as there is local peering going on between the ISP and

> Is KIXP that unreliable or what is the challenge? If we don’t grow our
> local capacity to deliver gigabit speeds in our IXP and take advantage of
> CDNs available locally, will we ever fully utilise the internet and
> create jobs at the same time without having multinationals come do it?

I dont believe KIXP is unreliable and to the best of my knowledge, a lot of
local traffic is being exchanged at the KIXP.

> Currently getting a data pipe from point A to B over a fiber connection
> within Kenya is more expensive than getting an internet connection from the
> same provider which will be carried on the same fiber link as the data pipe
> which makes absorption of hosting services in Kenya way expensive compared
> to hosting servers in Europe or America.

I tend to believe that different products are costed differently depending
on the cost of delivering the product or service. Remember local
infrastructure is still developing and there are no so many options out
there. Very few local loop providers in other words to give the consumer a
competitive advantage.

> Most Kenyans and even some government agencies result in hosting services
> overseas and the users are in Kenya then what is the point of investing in
> fiber locally and have it rot underground while cash is sent to companies
> out there for a service we can provide locally?

There are so many reasons for this but in a nutshell, its a cost issue
until the data-center industry grows and cost of electricity drops
drastically otherwise, hosting outside is far cheaper. So any business
would want to reduce its capex at any cost.

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