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Hello Listers

Of late, we have been experiencing technical challenges in particular with
YAHOO addresses, which for some reason has to lead to YAHOO classifying
messages from the mailing list as spam.
To deal with this challenge, there is a need to clean up the list of all
dormant YAHOO addresses and I only have THREE possible options:

1. To send a probe mail to all the subscribed Yahoo addresses and request
that they *please respond to this probe mail within three (or five) days.*
2. To disable delivery to ALL subscribed YAHOO addresses and wait for
those who are active to raise a flag that they are not receiving posts to
the list, and then re-enable their subscriptions.
3. To unsubscribe ALL the subscribed YAHOO addresses and let those who are
active in the list re-subscribe either by going to or by reaching out
to the List Moderators.

Given the number of addresses to deal with in this case (135), option 3
above comes out as the most efficient way to handle the issue.

This is important as it will facilitate the sorting out the technical
challenges we are experiencing.

Odhiambo Washington
*KICTANet List Admin*
+254 7 3200 0004 – Call/SMS/Sosomedia
+254 7 2274 3223 – M-Pesa 🙂

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