Licensing and Shared Spectrum Framework for Community Networks for Kenya online discussion

Dear Listers,

As we had indicated, today we will have a discussion on the Licensing and
Shared Spectrum Framework for Community Networks for Kenya that was issued
by the Communications Authority of Kenya, available for direct download here

Today, we will discuss the licensing aspect of the community networks. and
tomorrow about the shared spectrum framework.

The Community Network Licensing framework proposes;
1. Community Network Service Provider (CNSP) License to be created within
the Unified Licensing Framework.
2. The community network should be fully controlled by a non-profit entity
and carried on for non-profitable purposes, encouraging members of the
community to participate in the governance, design, and operationalisation.
3. Two letters of support from Community Leaders as part of the application
process for CNSP to ensure community ownership
3. Geographical coverage of a CNSP will be a sub-county boundary
4. License period of 10years with License Application fee Ksh1000, Initial
Operating License Fee Ksh 5000, and Annual Operating Fee Ksh5000.
6. Spectrum Fee: Fee waiver for non-protected access to lightly-licensed
and license-exempt frequency bands by wireless access systems
7. CNSPs would be exempt from USF contributions, while the USF
implementation framework may include a community ICT development and/or
capacity building component. The authority shall further examine ways to
ensure that community networks receive consideration under the future
framework for the Universal Service Fund


– What are your comments on the proposed licensing framework?
– What gaps have you identified in the proposed licensing framework?
– How would you recommend addressing the identified gaps?
– What recommendations do you have for CA to improve entry into the
telecommunications market in Kenya?

Looking forward to an engaging discussion.

Mwendwa Kivuva, Nairobi, Kenya

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