Licensing and Shared Spectrum Framework for Community Networks for Kenya online discussion

Hi Liz
Yes, there is no harm for competition in areas where there is connectivity already but low take-up (in which service providers hopefully can drive take-up with skills/awareness etc in order to get more customers). The issue is that competition needs to be fair. Whether MNO, ISP or CN, they can all operate in those markets with fair and equal licenses. Allowing some to operate with lower fees than others doesn’t make sense. But if CA wanted to lower fees across the entire board for all licensees, then I am sure no-one will complain (Except treasury!)


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I like Twahir’s point that community networks should not be solely for non profit. There can be other tiers for profit to encourage innovation at small scale around Internet Service Delivery.

The main purpose of CN is to provide network where there’s poor connectivity, but there are many areas in Kenya where there’s good connectivity but people just dont see a way of benefitting from the internet. This is where some little business competition comes in and local content.

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Another example of a CN just across the border is Bosco Uganda, it covers almost the whole of Northern Uganda

Coverage map –

Kenya has always led in matters innovation, let not this framework be a limiting factor rather let it widen our horizons.

Thank you Twahir. You are advocating that the license should allow a community network to operate beyond a sub-county? What is your proposal on either geographic area or population a single license can cover?
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