Legal or legislative needs for Precision Agriculture.

Thanks for the information. I will be trying it out in several farms soon and therefore I have set the licensing as part of the due diligence checklist on the procedures. I will come back with a definitive response. 
Thanks for the guidance.
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This is a very grey area, not aware of any current legislation that regulates the use of drones.
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Hello Listers,
I would like to know if there is any legal (legislative) requirement for one to run the following in several farms in Kenya today.

– A fleet of drones operating in several farms in rural Kenya.
– A crop monitoring system broadcast infrastructure for early warning and food security guide.

I am not sure and have done a small research on the same I have not found any requirement recently yet some years back one required some sort of license or permit to operate a drone within the airspace either from KAA or something, or CCK then. Someone, please help in clarifying the above issues. A list of the requirement will be helpful.

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