Lands Registration Digitization Task force to exclude Min.of Information and Kenya ICT Authority?

Dear Listers,

For the record, CS Karoney seems to be communicating very well.

Just to confirm (with concern), the Electronic Registration and
Conveyancing System Task force will exclude (representatives of) the Min.of
Information and Kenya ICT Authority?–land-

On Monday, Ms Karoney and the Law Society of Kenya agreed on an all
stakeholders’ representative task force be formed to recommend guidelines
towards implementation of the electronic registration and conveyancing
system in compliance with Regulation 90 of the Land Registration (General
Regulations 2017)…

CS Karoney also announced that the task force will comprise of 15 members
drawn from the ministry, the National Land Commission, LSK, the
Attorney-General’s Office, Kenya Property Developers, Land Development and
Governance Institute, Kenya Bankers Association, Kenya Private Sector
Alliance, Institute of Surveyors of Kenya and Real Estate Association.

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