Konza City is now 10 years old

Errr, Sam Oduor – I have a feeling that there’s a strategy/white paper
somewhere on this Konza thing that might not be in agreement with your long

Usually techies are not historians like you seem inclined. Konza was, IMHO,
supposed to be an ICT hub, not a museum project.
ICT stuff are supposed to be fully functional within months (not years)
after the groundwork has been laid down, lest they become obsoleted by

So far, what’s going on in Konza??

On Thu, Jan 3, 2019, 14:41 Sam Oduor <sam.oduor@gmail.com wrote:

> Personally I do not think it was a white elephant; great ideas mature over
> the long term -> cant take 10-50 years.
> Rome was not built on a single day – the project needs support from
> techies like us and investors.
> Konza being of National interest should be a phased 10 – 20 – 30 – 40 – 50
> – 60 …. year planned development approach.
> Partly I would blame the land/property rush experienced in Kenya btw 2009
> – 2012 ; guys inflated prices and no one was there to regulate – this might
> have had negative effects some investors planning to go in considering
> investors look at ROI which is key to any investment. I cannot see the math
> of buying land for 50k and selling it at 800k -> this was obviously not
> sustainable; where does such capital come from ? Virtual loans ?
> Konza and many other projects are still very viable in Kenya and I have
> high hopes my only plea is for the Govt to be at the core of things like
> Land, Property and Infrastructure from unjustifiable exploits -> this way
> it will encourage investors to settle creating more Jobs which equates to
> good security, a healthy and sustainable economic growth.
> Virus-free.
> www.avast.com
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