Cyber threats are growing amid the coronavirus pandemic

KICTANet Observes October as Cybersecurity Awareness Month

KICTANet has been conducting a month-long virtual programme to raise awareness about cybersecurity.

The schedule is designed to educate, inform and protect individuals and businesses from potential cyber threats to mark the month of October as Cybersecurity Awareness Month.

October is internationally recognized as the Cybersecurity Awareness Month.

Cybersecurity Awareness Month is dedicated to collaborative efforts between all stakeholders to raise awareness and promote engagement about the importance of cybersecurity.

It is also to encourage cyber hygiene practices among individuals to ensure they take practical actions to reduce their risks of cyber attacks and online threats.

KICTANet continues our efforts to promote awareness during this month, with the theme, “Cybersecurity starts with me”.

You can read more about our cyber hygiene awareness campaign and check out our recent publications at

During the month, KICTANet has been sharing various cybersecurity tips, tools, resources and best practices to help keep Kenyans digitally safe and maintain their cyber resilience even after the end of the campaign.

We encourage everyone to take a small step this month to enhance their digital security.

Join us this October for #CybersecurityAwarenessMonth to learn proactive ways to stay safe online.


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