Linda Gichohi presenting KICTANet's Memorandum on the Budget Priorities FY 2024/25 for ICT Sector

KICTANet Champions Strategic ICT Investments in Kenya’s 2024/25 Budget

By Linda Gichohi

KICTANet participated in the Institute of Economic Affairs’ Open Pre-Budget Hearing on 30th January 2024 to advocate for strategic ICT sector investments in Kenya’s budget for the fiscal year 2024/25.

The panellists present included Linda Gichohi from the Kenya ICT Action Network presenting budget priorities for the ICT sector; Mr. Edwin Dande, CEO Cytonn Investments presenting the budget priorities for Housing Sector in Kenya; Mr. Leonard Wanyama (East African Tax and Governance Network) examining the medium-term revenue plan and enhancement measures for FY 2024/25; Dr. Timothy Njagi from the Tegemeo Institute of Agricultural Policy Development representing the Agricultural Sector; Mr. Job Wanjohi from the Kenya Association of Manufacturers; and Mr. Kwame Owino, the Chief Executive Officer of the Institute of Economic Affairs Kenya.

Linda Gichohi, who represented KICTANet, laid out priority areas for ICT spending, emphasizing its role in innovation, economic growth, and global competitiveness.

“As the country embraces its digital economy, it is imperative to assess the short and long-term economic and social benefit of taxes and regulatory actions and ensure the measures imposed do not impede, but facilitate greater innovation, investment and growth of the ICT sector,” reads part of the memorandum.

In the memorandum, KICTANet cited challenges like cybersecurity and the need for multi-stakeholder engagement.

Our proposals dive deep, tackling issues like responsible e-waste disposal through taxation, fortifying cyber defenses with increased budgets, and ensuring everyone has access to digital government services, including those with disabilities.

We call for funding for digital literacy initiatives to empower citizens and advocate for stronger cybercrime investigation and data protection to create a secure online space.

Finally, we urge the development of responsible AI policies and regulations, shaping the future of this technology wisely.

These interconnected efforts underscore our unwavering commitment to building a resilient and thriving digital environment, the bedrock for a booming Kenyan digital economy.

Read KICTANet’s full budget proposal for detailed insights.

Linda Gichohi is a lawyer, a KICTANet Legal Fellow, and a Gender Program Assistant. She has an interest in women’s digital rights and access to justice for technology-facilitated violence. 



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