KICA Amendments: Control of anti-competitive practices by telecommunication operators

This is a continuation of the debate to amend the Kenya Information and
Communications Act (KICA).

Comments and thoughts are welcomed for yesterday’s debate moderated by
Mercy Mutemi on the regulation of social media and blogging. We can
continue contributing through that thread.

Today, we discuss the amendments to KCIA published on March 15th, 2019,
recommended by Hon Elisha Odhiambo, MP, seeking to add a new section 25A on
splitting telecommunications businesses, and section 34A on the
compensation of telecommunications consumers on call drops, and section 84J
prescribing how the Universal Service Fund (USF) should be used.

*The new Section 25A requires telecommunications operators to*
– Obtain a license for additional business.
– Legally split the telecommunications business from additional business.
– Provide separate accounts and reports in respect of all business carried
– Require Communications Authority to report compliance annually to

The reasons given for this bill are to allow telecommunications companies
to engage in other businesses, and also aid in the control of
anti-competitive practices by large industries in the sector.

What are your thoughts on this amendment? Do we have any specific
recommendations we can pass to Parliament through the public participation

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