KICA Amendments: compensation of telecommunication consumers for call drops

Thank you Judy. See my comments inline.

On Thu, 24 Oct 2019 at 21:36, Judy Okite via kictanet <> wrote:

> Thank you Kivuva,
> there are alot of questions in my head…
> 1. What does three call drops mean? is it when you are in the same
> phone call and you keep being disconnected and henve you can call
> back thrice or you have called three different people and you keep
> being disconnected?
I think it means for each call you make, and it goes through (connected),
and it gets disconnected halfway, you get compensated Ksh10, upto a maimum
of 3 drop calls per day.

> 2. What is the rationale of Ksh 10/- ? how did they come to this figure?
Good question. This will be part of our submissions to the National

> 3. Telecommunication companies offer more than just phone calls…what
> happens to the other services?
Good question too. Like fiber, satellite, mobile money services, etc

To answer your question(s);
> What are your thoughts on this new amendment?Is it adequate? No!! its
> a very narrow thought.

Probably we can say it is a starting point, and also stimulates debate.

> Does KICA cover all other telecommunications service consumers? No!!

Currently, this is the first amendment that tries to capture QoS issues for

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