Kenya’s Data Protection Act (2019) – 5th Anniversary Evaluation & Future Pathways!

As Kenya’s Data Protection Act (2019) approaches its fifth anniversary, KICTANet would like your insights to assess its effectiveness and guide future advancements.

Join the online discussion on the KICTANet mailing list from April 29–May 3, 2024, to contribute to this crucial conversation.

We are particularly keen to explore the profound impact of the recommendations from the Data Governance and Emerging Technologies Working Group on data governance while engaging in a reflective examination of the strides made, hurdles faced, and pivotal considerations shaping Kenya’s data protection landscape.

Daily discussion topics include:

Day 1: Legal Framework on Data Protection

Day 2: Data Controllers & Processors

Day 3: Data Subjects’ Rights

Day 4: Emerging Issues and Best Practices

Day 5: Recommendations and Shaping the Future

Share your expertise!  Join the KICTANet mailing list here:

Neema Mujesia is the communications officer at KICTANet. She works in the Gender Digital Rights Program and advocates for human rights for all in the technology industry.


Neema Mujesia information

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