Ms Linda Gichohi and Neema Mujesia during a media briefing to end femicide in Kenya held in Nairobi.

Kenya: Women Leaders Sound Alarm on Femicide Surge, Demanding Action

In a display of solidarity and concern, a group of women leaders in Kenya called for immediate action against the escalating tide of femicide cases.

Led by the Women’s Rights Advisor to the President, Harriet Chiggai, and National Assembly Deputy Speaker Gladys Shollei, the group convened a press conference in Nairobi, painting a grim picture of intimate partner violence and the increasingly chilling phenomenon of technology-facilitated gender-based violence online.

“It is therefore my commitment and that of the government to do all within our power first to nab the suspects but to also urge the judiciary to expedite cases of intimate partner violence.”

“To that effect, I will continue engaging and working together with the judiciary to see how best we can ensure survivors are treated with dignity in courts and that these cases are not delayed. I also commit to working with my sisters in Parliament to push for stiffer penalties,” the President’s Advisor on Women’s Rights, Harriette Chiggai, said.

“These incidents are a stark reminder of the dark side of our technology,” declared Shollei, urging for legislative adaptation and strengthened safety measures in the rapidly evolving digital landscape. 

“While we mourn the losses, we must also mobilize. This is not the time for silence.”

Adding a heartfelt plea for compassion, Chiggai highlighted the plight of grieving families. “Let us be sensitive to their agony. They need our love and support, not rebuke. We need all hands on deck to ensure justice is served and perpetrators face the full consequences.”

The conference resonated with a call for responsible media coverage. Former Member of Parliament for Persons With Disabilities, Hon. Denita Ghati, condemned the stigmatizing label of “Crimes of Passion” often applied to femicides, urging media outlets to refrain from perpetuating the sexualization of violence against women.

KICTANet, a tech-focused organization, actively participated in the conference, bringing much-needed expertise to the discussion on online gender-based violence. Their presence underscored the complex interplay between technology and violence against women, emphasizing the need for a collaborative approach to tackle these intertwined issues.

The alarming surge in femicide cases in Kenya demands immediate and effective action. The surge in femicide cases in Kenya is a national crisis that requires urgent attention and action. 

Statistics on Femicide in Kenya

  • The National Crime Reporting System reveals that over 40% of Kenyan women aged 15–49 have experienced physical violence at least once in their lifetimes.
  • One in four women has experienced physical violence within the last year.

Recent Femicide Cases

  • January 4, 2024: Starlet Wahu, a socialite, was stabbed by a man alleged to be part of a criminal ring targeting women on dating sites.
  • January 10, 2024: A young woman, Rita Waeni, was drugged and dismembered by a man she met in a rented apartment. Her body parts were disposed of in plastic bags.

The government and other stakeholders must work together to investigate and prosecute cases of femicide, implement strong laws and policies against gender-based violence, and provide support to the affected families.


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Neema Mujesia is the communications intern at KICTANet. She works in the Gender Digital Rights Program and is fervent about advocating for human rights for all in the technology industry.


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