Kenya IGF Online Discussion Day 5: online violence Against women: How do we create safe spaces online


I am supporting @Cecilia on this topic.

First, in 2015, The U.N. Broadband Commission reported
that one in five young women has been sexually harassed online. Amnesty
International ’s report
suggested that over three-quarters of women and girls expected violence and
abuse if they expressed an opinion online.

The need to end gender-based violence against women continue to be the
subject of global discourse. This is an issue in Kenya too. Case in point,
Technology-assisted Violence Against Women (TAVAW). For instance, recent

1. Radio Jambo Presenter Annitah Raey ‘cyberbullied’ for talking about
via @TheStarKenya
2. Today in the East African, Nerima Wako, ED, Siasa Place writes that
“Twitter is a safe space for insecure men with fake handles and no volume
she says “When you defend yourself online as a woman, people judge you
for how you speak because apparently, women have to behave in a certain
way. They should not curse or yell, otherwise they will be seen as having
no class. But men have no rules.”

I am not defending men in this case, but it should be noted that women are
attacked more than men online.

Some of the measures that have been proposed before, borrowing a leaf from
Hivos and ICJ Kenya
[image: image.png] [image: image.png] Is this enough? in addressing this issue amicably?

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> Hello Listers
> The Internet and mobile technologies have created new ways to connect,
> share resources and experiences, and build communities. However despite the
> internet offering great solutions and innovations to how people access
> information, online violence has been on the rise especially against women
> but remains a silent epidemic in Kenya. These digital spaces have
> provided tools and platforms for the replication and continuation of the
> perpetration of violence against women.”
> – 1. How is it a problem for Kenya?
> –
> – 2. How should it be addressed?
> –
> – 3. Is enough being done at the moment?
> – What are the measures that need to be
> – taken to create safe spaces for women
> – online?
> Let’s engage
> Cecilia Maundu
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