Kenya IGF Online Discussion Day 4 : Emerging Technological trends

Curious on how far might we be globally from digital nuclear power? Or how close are we moving to it? It all depends on humans. 
The deliberation should stretch further into what it takes for Kenya to (invent, innovate) a technology(ies) that goes global, not keep expending itself in catch-up. 
You are for what you own/create not for how fast you ride on and copycat.
Thus even as steps such Blochchain, AI etc Taskforces are celebrated, it should be possible to proposition and enroll stakeholders from research, Government etc, even if it takes 50years for the next next generations to be the owners. Such teams add value as multi-professionals.
There must’ve been at one time an ‘Internet Taskforce’.

On the other hand, there is the opportunity for more deliberate effective communication. For instance Space tech has been here and in use for good. Dissecting it to communicate to every Kenyan is needed. e.g Literary every Kenyan knows oil was said to be discovered, said to be harvested etc. Multi-professional teams must step it up.

“On security and cyberattacks, Nadella said it was the the citizens of the world and the small businesses that get most impacted.”

Techopedia explains Explainable Artificial Intelligence (XAI)

The idea behind explainable AI is that AI programs and technologies should not be “black box models” that people cannot understand. Too often, experts say, artificial intelligence programs sacrifice transparency and explainability for experimental sophisticated results. Powerful algorithms may turn out useful results without actually showing how they arrived at these results.

Explainable artificial intelligence is also a key part of applying ethics to AI. As tech leaders like Elon Musk have pointed out, artificial intelligence may end up having net positives or negatives, depending on how it is used by humans, and how it is built by humans.

Explainable AI helps in the pursuit of ethical AI, because it shows how machines are performing computational work and where there may be problems.

“We have to as a tech industry — and governments — really step up to ensure that those vulnerable populations and organizations are protected.” – Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella on the rise of A.I.

Be blessed.Regards/Wangari

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