Kenya Internet Governance Forum 2023 participants during a beak session.

KeIGF 2024: Shaping Kenya’s Digital Future Together

The Kenya Internet Governance Forum (KeIGF), convened annually by KICTANet, is gearing up for its 17th edition.

This year’s forum aligns with the global IGF theme, “Building our Multistakeholder Digital Future,” with a focus on the Kenyan context –“Building Kenya’s Multistakeholder Digital Future.”

Connecting Locally to Globally

The KeIGF, Kenya’s premier internet policy forum, serves as a critical platform for stakeholders from the government, private sector, civil society, academia and the technical community to discuss key internet governance issues.

Discussions at the national level feed into regional and global forums, fostering a bottom-up approach to internet policy development.

Key Themes for 2024

  1. Harnessing Innovation and Managing Risks
  2. Digital Technologies for Development
  3. Advancing Digital Inclusion
  4. Strengthening Multistakeholder Governance

Beyond the Main Event

KeIGF week will also feature the 9th edition of the Kenya School of Internet Governance (KeSIG), a capacity-building program empowering individuals to participate in ICT policy discourse.

In addition, KIGF Week will offer a range of workshops and programs designed to empower stakeholders and foster deeper discussions on specific Internet governance topics: the Privacy and Cybersecurity Roundtable; Training on Gender and IGF; Data Protection Training and Assessment for NGOs; Kenya Youth IGF and Civil Society Roundtable on Digital Rights.

The KeIGF aims to: foster open and inclusive dialogue on critical internet governance issues; share best practices identify emerging challenges and promote capacity building to enable effective participation in policy discussions.

Over 300 individuals from various sectors are expected to participate in the forum, which will be a hybrid event with both online and offline components on June 27, 2024. Registration will open online two weeks before the event and is free of charge.

Mr Ali Hussein, the Chairman, of the KICTANet Board of Trustees, emphasises the importance of IGF Week 2024:

“IGF Week 2024 is more than just policy discussions or technical workshops. It’s a crucial opportunity for Kenya to shape its digital future, together.

By embracing a multistakeholder approach, Kenya takes a bold step towards inclusivity, democracy, and fostering innovation. This week-long engagement will bring together diverse voices to develop a path that respects diverse perspectives and creates equal opportunities for all.”

The focus on cybersecurity, digital inclusion, and internet policy highlights Kenya’s aspirations. We’re not just participants in the digital age; we aim to be leaders. But digital leadership requires more than just infrastructure and laws. It demands a commitment to principles that uphold a free, open, and secure internet for everyone. Kenya’s Internet Governance Week is a testament to this commitment.”

The 16th KIGF under the theme, “The Internet We Want”, was a hybrid event that reached over 600 individuals. KICTANet has convened the Kenya IGF every year since 2008 in partnership with industry stakeholders.



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