Justice Accessibility During COVID19 : Webinar 2pm

Dear Listers,
Is justice accessible to Kenyans during the COVID-19 pandemic? How can we
leverage Technology for Virtual Hearings and improve connectivity and
access to Wanjiku?

1. Justice Issac Lenaola – Judge of the Supreme Court of Kenya
2. Commissioner Dr. Mercy Deche – Vice Chairperson Judicial Service
3. Charles Kanjama – Advocate, Former Chairman LSK Nairobi Branch

Moderators Jacqueline Ingutiah Onyango and *Byron Menezes, LSK Kisumu
Chapter members.

Join the LSK Ksm Chapter and Lawyers Hub in a webinar discussion on
measures taken by the judiciary to address access to justice challenges
posed by COVID-19 and their effectiveness.
Click on the link below to register.


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