ISO 27032: Cybersecurity Management System Standardization In Current Digital Transformation Era..

Greetings Team,

Businesses are trying to cope, survive & thrive in the rapidly evolving new
normal. However, a rush to quickly adopt contemporary digital technologies
for this game is posing questions about appositeness as well as security.
Overcoming paralysis by analysis when it comes to cyber risk & security,
Embedding cybersecurity into digital transformation.

Use this opportunity to create permanent Cyber Security readiness. In this
Live FREE webinar get the answers to the questions to make a great start at
the beginning of the new year with new hope from renowned international

*Join F.Q.A. U.K. Limited Live Free Webinar on Cyber Security.

*If anyone is interested in further training after attending, please feel
free to contact me…*

Warm regards,

Michael Bullut.

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