Invitation to Talk to Series sessions

Good morning Listers

I hope you are all keeping well.

We are proposing to bring the *’Talk to series’ b*ack in light of some of
the issues that have been highlighted on the list. We will have moderated
debates and in observing covid rules, the sharing of the reports and
engagement with Partners will be conducted via webinars.

1. The first one will be ‘Talk to Facebook’, which will be moderated next
week by Walubengo and Teacher Karis. They will provide us with more details
and when the exact days for the engagement. *This will be followed by a
webinar on September 30, 2020 from 15.30-1700 hours. *

2. The second one will be with Safaricom in October. More details including
the exact dates will be provided here. But keep the questions coming as
they are being noted.

Thank you Listers and have a great Thursday.


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