Invitation to attend Strathmore Research Symposium

Dear Listers,

I recently joined this community, something I’d been looking forward to for
a long time albeit studies kept me at bay.
By way of introduction, I’m Dr. Robert Muthuri, an advocate and a legal
knowledge engineer.
I’ve also recently joined CIPIT as a research fellow-ICT.
We’re pleased to invite you to this week’s symposium where I’ll speak on
the thesis which I recently defended.
Francis Monyango will also have a presentation exploring our network
measurements work.
The details are as follows:

*Track *


*Title *



*Law, Extractive Industries and Intellectual Property *

09:30 – 10:15 am

Kifaru Classroom, @iLab

Designing Compliance Patterns: Integrating Value Modeling, Legal
Interpretation and Argument Schemes for Legal Risk Management

Dr. Robert Muthuri

Staff – CIPIT

*ICT, Mobile Applications and Cyber-security *

02:40 – 03:00 pm

Microsoft Auditorium, Sir Thomas More Building

Safaricom and internet traffic tampering: Network Measurements

Francis Monyango

Staff – CIPIT

Kindly send your confirmation to Valarie Wabungo <>.

I’ve attached the rest of the program just in case you find something else
you’re interested in.

Kind regards,

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