Invitation to attend Public screening and discussion event on Data Privacy , data protection and artificial intelligence.

The Great Hack is a 2019 documentary film about the Facebook–Cambridge
Analytica data scandal, produced and directed by Jehane Noujaim and Karim
Amer. The film uses the Cambridge Analytica scandal as a framework to
illustrate the data mining structures and algorithms that are undermining
individual liberty and democratic society.

Watch the trailer of the film on

Join us on 21st November from 6pm – 9.30pm at Alliance Française Nairobi for
a viewing of the Great Hack documentary and a discussion afterward on data
protection, data privacy and artificial intelligence. What is the current
state of data protection laws in Kenya amidst the Huduma Number and Census
exercise? What effect does artificial intelligence have on data privacy?
This and much more will be discussed during the panel session.

Invited panelists are from the legal, data science and human rights

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