Internet Should Be A Public Utility Service

Hi. As we discuss the matter of public utility we shall need it does not necessarily mean Universal Service. It could start with more policy, regulatory and legal intervention and even classified as critical infrastructure. FYI, in Kenya until late 70’s telecommunications was  considered a luxury and the debate of food versus telecommunications was quite common in the Minitstry of Finance. In the 1990’s use of Internet in Government was banned. Even in early 2000 PC’s were not considered a priority. Regarding power, Kenya is lucky at the moment because we have surplus generating capacity. We are quite fortunate that we have demand . The GOK has so many services on line. It means that Wanjiku has a good reason to be computer literate in order to access services. Private sector is following closely. In the past demand forecast was hell if one was to avoid over investment and under utilization. 
The journey needs to start. 
John Kariuki 
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