IGF Week Day 2 Discussion – Digital Inclusion

Dear Listers,
Thank you Victor for sharing this discussion with us, my focus on Digital
Inclusion is on Access and Affordability: Community Networks might reduce
this gap;
From this discussion www.kictanet.or.ke/?p=37878 I found this:
“Community networks represent a valuable alternative model that deserves to
be explored to improve access to Information and Communication Technologies
to underserved communities worldwide. “

Some unanswered questions were also asked in that discussion:
1. What are the government regulations on Community Networks
2. Are there any licenses required? Spectrum License or Operating License?
3. Why has CA been silent on this topic?

I have also realized that KICTANet recently hosted the local Community
Network Global Inception Meeting, more here
www.kictanet.or.ke/?p=40352, any insights from those that attended?
How come our very own TunapandaNet
did not attend?

On Tue, Jul 30, 2019 at 11:31 AM Victor Kapiyo via kictanet <
kictanet@lists.kictanet.or.ke> wrote:

> Good morning listers,
> As we approach this year’s Kenya Internet Governance Forum on 1 August
> 2019, we would like to continue today’s discussion in line with the theme One
> Kenya. One Net. One Vision.
> Today’s sub-theme is Digital Inclusion. Digital Inclusion is about both
> identifying those with less or no access to the Internet (e.g. underserved
> communities, marginalized groups, the minorities, people with disabilities
> or people lacking digital literacy) and it is about activities related to
> the achievement of an inclusive information society.
> We would appreciate your thoughts on the following:
> – How can we tackle access and affordability issues, and what
> improvements need to be made?
> – How can we better utilize primary and secondary schools and tertiary
> institutions to promote and to deliver on digital literacy programmes?
> – How do we ensure that Internet governance processes are truly
> inclusive?
> – What needs to be done to enhance the capacity of different actors?
> – How do we ensure that these skills and employment opportunities are
> equitable to all on an equal footing?
> We look forward to hearing from you.
> Regards
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