ict practitioners bill is back

A while ago, British media alleged two senior Kenyan lawyers/politicians
were compromised by a British firm to preserve low environmental (pro
tobacco, pro smoking) standards in Kenya.

Point is, laws can be used to punish or penalize non performance or
pollution (corruption).

Laws passed to enforce/enable ICT acquisition and management are not the
same as IT policies which are bound to be ignored by public officials who
require opacity to unjustly enrich themselves while mistreating citizens
and residents.

In which progressive society do hardware, software purchase costs ever
exceed IT services?

In the most corrupt (opaque) nations, hardware and software costs can be
over 80% of expenditure on technology.


Hardware/software is being purchased over priced but is not being properly
deployed or maintained (which, over a 5 year period, is likely to cost up
to 5 times the initial cost of the hardware, software).

We need laws to ensure our own citizens will manage our most critical data
(infrastructure and information). We also need content published on how our
communities are performing.

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