ict practitioners bill is back

KICTANetiquette : Adhere to the same standards of acceptable behaviors
online that you follow in real life: respect people’s times and bandwidth,
share knowledge, don’t flame or abuse or personalize, respect privacy, do
not spam, do not market your wares or qualifications

We are discussing associations rather than policy. A benefit now is we know
which association technocrats may feel more welcome in. No need for anyone
to be flamed for misunderstandings.

Also, suspect the KEPSA ICT reps may be associated with elitism if not
business practices that rub some on an activist “Open Society” list the
wrong way.

Last year, the Govt opposed the bill.


Let us strike while the iron is hot, while we have a CS who really
understands where the world is heading to digitally.

Let us engage the CS decently, diplomatically. He may even call for open
(non vendor, non tenderprenuership, non elitist) meetings (like Kictanet
does best in Kenya) to gather more feedback.

On Dec 18, 2017 11:11 AM, “Grace Mutung’u (Bomu) via kictanet” <

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