Hurricane at the eye of a storm (Yes ? No )

Morning Listers,

Treat this as rumours as my source wont agree to be named or linked with
this information. For information’s sake though, please indulge me.

Hurricane Electric ( , or HE is a global carrier. (more like
a carrier of carriers). HE is a breath of fresh air when it comes to
connectivity. They do not price the product as if it is made of vibranium.
HE also runs a lean shop, as a result, their prices are in the order of
thousands of percentage points lower than you would get from anyone

In fact, they price internet lower than anyone prices a local loop from
Nairobi to Kilifi. (Pity we cant get HE anywhere other than EADC, and
operators are moving in their droves from the usual suspects. Which is
somewhat the problem and gist of this post, because the usual suspects are
not happy.

Hence my question.
Might anyone in this list (particularly from CA) be privy to attempts to
introduce another levy for anyone interested in getting services from an
operator in EADC?

It just feels like when we just saw the ray of light on this issue, cartel
like “forces” close in.


Collins Areba,
Kilifi, Kenya.
Tel: +*254 707 750 788 */ *0731750788*
Twitter: @arebacollins.
Skype: arebacollins

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