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Anyway, with Information security changing across the globe and Information
operations coming to life, nations across the globe are developing
essential resources required for cyber defense and offensive in efforts to
protect their critical assets.

To contribute to the National Cyber Security Strategy, at OnNet we have
started some free courses to help educational and academic institutions on
Cyber Warfare as a means to develop skill-set for Kenyan teams in
difference organizations Civilian and Military e.g Financial institutions,
different Government Authorities and Telcos to defend themselves against
well budgeted cyber operators and adversaries by use of offense and defense

Some examples of these courses,




*Hack Battle Version 4 Proposition*

This year we would wish to host a Hackbattle Version 4 Competition that
shows the resources required when hunting for an adversary who is planning
for a terror activity against a country. This lab will showcase the need of
rethinking Computer Network Operations for Government and other Authorities
and effectively communicate the necessity to defend infrastructures used by
Critical Services, Financial Sector, Intelligence, Data Storage, Aerospace,
Utilities and Energy.

If you are interested in sponsoring such an endeavor/event kindly reach me
privately on email.

Highly Appreciated.

Gichuki Jonia

KICTANet Admin information

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