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International Women’s Day (IWD) is a reminder of women’s tenacity, obstacles, and accomplishments, as well as a great chance to envisage and strive for a gender-equal and inclusive future.

The subject for this year is Innovation and technology for gender equality, which sheds light on why it is vital to safeguard women and girls in the “digital sphere” while tackling ICT-facilitated gender-based violence.’

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to present the topic, “Technology for Gender Equality,” on the “SPOT on Tech” program on the Y 254 channel of Kenya Broadcasting Corporation (KBC) in honor of International Women’s Day (#iwd2023). Among the topics I discussed were:

– Why is the issue of gender equality and innovation and technology so relevant right now?
– Several examples of gender-based violence assisted by ICT
-How can we address online gender-based violence and the means available to do so?

There are countless chances for women to seize technology, and it is conceivable to attain gender equality in that arena as well.

Thank you, Angela Minayo KICTANet, for providing me with the necessary training and skills to continue to uphold the importance of “gender digitalism” and to be able to speak.

Thank you for inviting me to your program, Stephanie Ayieta, and for giving me the opportunity to speak about why it is vital to safeguard the rights of all women and girls in the digital world on Kenya Broadcasting Corporation (KBC) Y254 Channel.

Here is the link to the session:

KICTANet continues to be at the forefront of addressing the digital challenges facing women, girls, and the youth. Here are some of the works that KICTANet has done around Strengthening gender in ICT

Neema Mujesia, communication specialist, an intern at KICTANet.


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