Fwd: [Internet Policy] ISOC Norway signs statement on Contact tracing

I wonder whether we are implementing similar measures locally now that
contact tracing has become the norm.

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Date: Tue, May 19, 2020 at 4:21 PM
Subject: [Internet Policy] ISOC Norway signs statement on Contact tracing
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Dear all,

The Norway Chapter of the Internet Society has signed a joint statement on
contact tracing for Norway, specifically related to the “Smittestopp” app
published by the Norwegian Institute of Public Health in conjunction with
Simula Research. The statement recommends the following principles to be

1. Divide the app into two separate apps, one for contact tracing
and the other for research

2. The app must not collect, process, or transmit more data than what is
necessary to achieve its purpose

3. The governance and technical implementation must be fully transparent

4. Privacy by design; Prioritize privacy-preserving features

Details and context are laid out in the article. The initiative is taken by
more than 50 industry experts in Norway. ISOC Norway supports the statement

The complete statement can be read on Medium.com:

With best regards,

– Salve J. Nilsen, ISOC Norway Chapter chairperson
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