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GFCE Research Committee: Open Call for Applications

The Global Forum on Cyber Expertise (GFCE) is calling for applications to
the new GFCE Research Committee! The deadline for applications is Friday,
10 July 2020.

The GFCE community has voiced the need for the GFCE to realize a research
mechanism to address knowledge gaps and contribute new, practical knowledge
on cyber capacity building. The GFCE is now responding to this call by
seeking to collect and prioritize research needs identified in GFCE Working
Groups to develop a *Global Cyber Capacity Building Research Agenda*. As a
first step, the GFCE will test the mechanism by running at least two Pilot
Research Projects in 2020 based on research ideas that have been collected
through the community. To help support the development and delivery of the
Research Agenda, the GFCE will establish a Research Committee as a new
group in mid-2020.

The aim of the Global Research Agenda is to support the work of the GFCE
Working Groups and the activities of members of the GFCE Community.
Research generated via this mechanism will therefore focus on practical and
applied research, to provide material, content, evidence and data that will
directly inform the work of the Working Groups as well as the wider cyber
capacity building community.

*Role of the GFCE Research Committee*
The main role of the GFCE Research Committee is to support GFCE Working
Groups with research matters and provide technical assistance in
translating ideas or policy questions into research questions with
time/cost/manpower estimates. As this will be the first installment of the
new Research Committee, the group will also be consulted on and expected to
provide substantial input on the Research Committee’s modalities of work as
detailed in the GFCE Research Committee Terms of Reference (in development)
and other documents relevant to the Research Agenda. Some of the
responsibilities envisaged for the first Research Committee are:

– Advise on the Research Committee’s modalities of work, at least two
Pilot Research Projects in 2020, and the Global Research Agenda in 2021;
– Support the GFCE Working Groups (WG) with research matters by:
– Acting as a ‘research committee liaison’ between the WGs and the
Research Committee;
– Translating ideas into research questions with time/cost/manpower
– Ensuring that GFCE research meets good quality standards;
– Support and give input on documentation regarding the Research Agenda;
– Provide advice and assist the GFCE Secretariat with a periodic review
of the Research Agenda process.

The Research Committee will comprise of a maximum of 10 persons including a
chairperson, 2 Advisory Board members and half the seats reserved for the
GFCE Community. The Research Committee will be represented in each of the
GFCE Working Groups/Task Forces by at least 1 member who will act as a
‘research committee liaison’.

Members of the Research Committee are appointed in their personal capacity
and must act independently of their organization.

*Candidate profile*
Applicants to the Research Committee will be evaluated based on the below

– Applies in his/her individual capacity;
– Expertise and work experience in a research position and/or
specialized knowledge in one or more areas of interest for the *GFCE WGs*
– Have a genuine interest in and a good command of cybersecurity/cyber
capacity building research in an international context;
– Ability to think and communicate across disciplinary boundaries and
between different stakeholders;
– Willing and able to dedicate time to GFCE work. Time estimate is 8
hours a month*;
– Involvement and active participation in the GFCE is a plus but not
– Commitment to serve in the Research Committee for a period of at least
two years, starting from mid-July 2020.

In addition, the GFCE Secretariat will strive to achieve gender balance,
diversity of backgrounds and a good representation of all regions in the
Research Committee.

* Please note that this position is voluntary and unpaid.

*Candidate profile*

1. Applicants are encouraged to send a short biography, their CV
and a *completed
application form*
to the GFCE Secretariat at *contact@thegfce.org* <contact@thegfce.org>.
Deadline for applications is *Friday, 10 July 2020*.
2. Following the application deadline, the GFCE Secretariat will
shortlist applicants based on the evaluation criteria and documents
3. The GFCE Foundation Board will perform a review of the shortlisted
applicants and select successful candidates by taking into consideration:
availability, relevance of expertise and experience, diversity of
backgrounds and geographic and gender balance.
4. The GFCE Foundation Board will then present the candidates that have
been selected for the GFCE Research Committee to the GFCE Community in

Please find the application form *here
and feel free to *contact us* <contact@thegfce.org> if you have any

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