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*Register for ICANN68 Prep Sessions (Update)

02 June 2020

*This Announcement is an update to a previous Announcement published on 28
May 2020. <newsalerts.icann.org/u0N0008R0P0d0W02xg2CE10>*

LOS ANGELES – 2 June 2020 – Today, the Internet Corporation for Assigned
Names and Numbers (ICANN) announced live interpretation for multiple
ICANN68 Prep Sessions.

*To attend any of the webinars, please register here
<newsalerts.icann.org/CRg00e0kP0vC0Nd82201E00> by Friday 5 June
2020* to receive instructions on how to join. You may also submit questions
during the registration process.

The ICANN Open Data Program Update scheduled for Tuesday 16 June 2020 has
been cancelled. Q&A with ICANN Org Executive Team on Thursday 18 June 2020
has been moved from 18:00 UTC to 19:00 UTC. The revised schedule is as

*Date / Time*



*Monday, 8 June 2020*

12:00-13:00 and 22:00-23:00 UTC

Interpretation Platform Kick-off Webinar

Six U.N. languages

*Tuesday, 9 June 2020*

16:00-17:00 UTC

ICANN Org Operations Planning Team Update


*Thursday, 11 June 2020*

16:00-17:00 UTC

Universal Acceptance Annual Strategic Action Plan Webinar


*Monday, 15 June 2020*

16:00-17:00 UTC

Enhancing the Effectiveness of ICANN’s Multistakeholder Model – Next Steps

Six U.N. languages

*Tuesday, 16 June 2020*

07:00-08:30 UTC

ICANN Policy Development (PDP) Working Group Roleplay for Fellows (for
ICANN68 Fellows only)


*Wednesday, 17 June 2020*

12:00-13:30 UTC

Pre-ICANN68 GNSO Webinar


*Wednesday, 17 June 2020*

16:00-17:00 UTC

NomCom Review: Implementation Milestones


*Thursday, 18 June 2020*

16:00-17:00 UTC

Policy Webinar

Six U.N. languages

*Thursday 18 June 2020*

19:00-20:00 UTC

Q&A with ICANN Org Executive Team

Six U.N. languages

(The U.N. six languages includes the following: Arabic, Chinese, English,
French, Russian, and Spanish.)

We recommend that community members attend one of the Interpretation
Platform Kick-off Webinars. This will allow participants to familiarize
themselves with the remote simultaneous interpretation platform that will
be used during ICANN68.

Instructions on how to use the interpretation service and access to
recordings, presentation materials, and a pre-recorded webinar from the
Multistakeholder Strategy and Strategic Initiatives (MSSI) team will be
posted *here* <newsalerts.icann.org/NR00lC2d0001gvE0fN0082P>.

If you have trouble accessing the registration link
<newsalerts.icann.org/CRg00e0kP0vC0Nd82201E00> and you are using
Chrome, try the following:

1. Clear your browser cookies and caches.
2. Enable third-party cookies.
3. If issues still persist, please try using a different browser, such
as Safari.


ICANN’s mission is to help ensure a stable, secure, and unified global
Internet. To reach another person on the Internet, you need to type an
address – a name or a number – into your computer or other device. That
address must be unique so computers know where to find each other. ICANN
helps coordinate and support these unique identifiers across the world.
ICANN was formed in 1998 as a not-for-profit public-benefit corporation
with a community of participants from all over the world.

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