Fw: Internet Society Boar of Trustees Nominations and Elections

I think you should go for this. I am not exactly active in the local circles.


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From: George Sadowsky <george.sadowsky@gmail.com>
Sent: 18 November 2020 8:54 PM
Subject: Internet Society Boar of Trustees Nominations and Elections


I’m sorry for the anonymity of the addressee list here; I tend to keep lists of e-mail names out of the range of possible spammers.. You are one of less than a dozen recipients, all of whom are colleagues and friends. I have the same message for all of you.

I want to call your attention to the upcoming election for seats on the Internet Society Board of Trustees. Nominations are due by December 4th for three seats, and I think that any of you would make quite good candidates for the Board. This year I’m chair of the Nominations Committee, and I’m looking for as good a slate as possible, with a view to enriching ISOC’s Board with new people, new backgrounds and new perspectives. I would be pleased to serve on the Board with any of you.

I encourage you to consider this possibility for yourself, and if not for you, for any of your community members who you believe would be really good candidates. Further information regarding the positions, as well as the official Call for Nominations and links to online nomination forms can be found at:


as well as by contacting me directly.

Best regards, and above all stay healthy ….


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