Fraud at KENIC?

Hi Sidney,

Many thanks, i know your intention was good but i just wanted to highlight
the need to safeguard personal data even as we dig deep to ascertain
issues. I consider this a healthy debate and we are learning from each
other. Unfortunately someone may misuse the data which was being used for a
good purpose.

Best Regards

On 26 Jan 2018 09:39, “Sidney Ochieng” <> wrote:

> Barrack,
> While I understand and appreciate your concerns that allegations had to be
> addressed and for me I find that asking questions through here often leads
> to prompt responses rather than reaching out to the organisations
> concerned. We discuss allegations on here all the time.
> As for the personal data, that might have been a misstep on my part but I
> think they were necessary to prove the overall point of the allegations, as
> Harry’s question below proves. No one asked how I got hold of the document
> but I assure you that it had been circulating in various circles so it was
> already in the public domain. Perhaps the question should be why KENICs
> systems are so vulnerable to such leaks.
> On 26 January 2018 at 08:40, Barrack Otieno via kictanet <

KICTANet Admin information

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