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First Public Gathering of New Digital ID and Human Rights Coalition

The Digital ID and Human Rights Civil Society Community, a new transnational civil society community focused on digital ID and human rights, held its first public gathering on 9th October 2023, at the sidelines of the 18th Internet Governance Forum (IGF).

The session highlighted concerns about top-down implementation, weak governance, human rights violations, and systemic exclusion in existing digital ID programs.

The community underscored the critical role of CSOs in critiquing, analyzing, and advocating for well-designed digital ID systems that represent the needs of local communities and marginalized groups.

This gathering, of which KICTANet is a member, signifies a growing global movement of civil society organizations working to ensure digital ID systems are implemented with transparency, inclusion, and respect for human rights.

Since 2020, members have collaborated on:

    • Providing input on public policy documents.
    • Advocating against problematic digital ID frameworks.
    • Engaging in strategic litigation.
    • Participating in consultative processes with intergovernmental organizations like the World Bank.

In 2022, over 40 CSOs convened to share experiences and develop a shared vision for collective action. Members shared their vision, principles, and ongoing work promoting human-centred digital ID systems during the session.



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