End of Net Neutrality?


Let’s be clear. This is not a personal attack on you so I’m not sure where the ‘Bitterness’ comment is coming from.

This list, myself included have been very consistent on issues regarding policy. Way before you become CS. Way before.

To be clear the industry expected a lot more from you on issues like Net Neutrality considering your background. You need to lead from the front which it is my humble opinion you have not. Making a personal statement on Net Neutrality doesn’t a Policy make…

I’m glad you’ve brought up the Policy issue. This list again was very involved with MOICT in crafting it and making comments and suggestions. It would have been nice for you, as the CEO of the Ministry to have responded to our many requests for feedback. Like the one you just made.

As to the comment on playing with our livelihoods…that was an unfortunate remark which I unequivocally apologize for. It however comes from a good place in my heart and was alluding to the fact that the MOICT now seems to think that having an ICT Practitioners’ bill is a good idea. This after the community and industry worked diligently with you and your team to defeat it earlier in the year.

Lastly Bwana CS all we ask for is more engagement from you and your team. We are in this together. This is our country irrespective of our party affiliations. If some of the stuff I’ve said have rubbed you the wrong way that wasn’t the intention. The intention is to engage for the betterment of this our country Kenya.

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