Emoji Domains Could Be The Next Internet Gold Rush

I really really liked this Furahi Day special!
Firstly, a new language as “sheng” “engsh” which occasionally yes brings smiles with it. Quite powerful to be taking over words as we know them.
While a ‘ban’ was applied, the burden lies with innovators to create or design security around it – or would it mean that this is not doable?
Secondly, makes the ongoing list “Kivuva – KeNIC visioning” discussion to be child-play. As custody-holders hold on, innovators are taking off in un-imagined ways.- Which raises on audit of the big sale sometime last year. As we audit maize, mercury, wheelbarrows.
All in all, the KeNIC concept is a National asset in the current design of the Internet – even without burdens of emojised domains. Certainly hard work has got us to where it is, now time for smarter PPP.

Be blessed.Regards/Wangari

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