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> The Dorcas Muthoni PhD Fellowship is a tribute to our Doctor Honoris
> Causa Dorcas Muthoni.
> Dorcas Muthoni, a Kenyan engineer and entrepreneur, CEO and founder of the
> company Openworld, received our University’s highest recognition on 15th
> December 2017 for her significant work in the promotion of engineering
> studies among young women in Africa, the mentoring of young people, and her
> social commitment in the fight against poverty. All the details can be
> found here
> <>
> .
> This scholarship is aligned with our university institutional commitment
> to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), it aims to
> contribute to quality education and gender equality for African Women.
> The first edition of this PhD Fellowship was opened in 2018. We are
> pleased to launch our second edition in 2020.
> The main objectives of this fellowship are:
> *(i) to promote gender equality & contribute to reduce the gender gap in
> ICT*; by facilitating more women pursuing
> scientific/technological/engineering careers and lowering the barriers
> women face when pursuing careers in STEM disciplines
> *(ii) to share excellent research with African female researchers during
> their PhD Studies*. Our ICT department <> consists
> of more than 20 research groups
> <> who are very active in
> international research projects (e.g. currently active in 38 H2020 research
> projects) and nationally we have the Spanish research excellence seal Maria
> de Maeztu). The Maria de Maeztu Strategic Research Program
> <> is a 4 year research initiative funded
> by the Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness to promote
> data-driven knowledge extraction research within the department.
> *(iii) to contribute to future social impact in African countries*. The
> applicants are expected to return to their African home country after
> completion of their PhD studies in order to pursue a career related to ICT
> there.
> This PhD fellowship seeks doctoral applications from *talented African
> female students (only African nationality applicants will be considered)* with
> strong research interests. Candidates for PhD positions must hold an M.Sc
> degree or equivalent.
> Full information is here:
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