[disaster preparedness] cheap wooden disposable cargo DRONES that can be built locally

[link below] This is an idea worth copying and a great way to develop a culture of *simple*, *practical* cross-domain innovations.

Our woodworking students can team up with electronics and computing students to build, test these simple contraptions.

Example use cases include supplying emergency relief to places where aircraft cannot land.

Suggested approach: MoED and MoICT to sponsor a nationwide TVETs v/s Universities competition to see which institution designs the best drone prototype models with optimal balance of performance [against pre-defined parameters] and costs. The top 5 can then be built to scale and tested using gov. planes / helicopters – and the teams involved recognized with national honors.

The best can then be mass produced on order (Big 4 + Jobs!) and exported via G2G facilitated trading to other African countries e.g. Mozambique, Zimbabwe as part of regional DR planning.

Moral: Innovation does not have to be complicated or expensive. It just needs to solve a real problem.
So, can we build a wooden drone or not? Interested listers from Gov & academia willing to run with this?

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