Digital-Nation Africa new and emerging technologies learning platform

Dear colleagues , Have a look at this updated learning platform of
Digital-Nation Africa.
Available at:

This release has new features:
1) Newly revamped Job Advisor tool available directly from the menu bar
throughout the site with new advanced search capability and much improved
2) New Courses page available from the menu bar that includes list of all
Digital-Nation Africa courses broken down by learning paths and journeys
with easy navigation and search capability.
3) New look and feel UI/UX
4) updated chatbot virtual assistant along with the live support agent
5) a much improved and new “My Dashboard” with 3 tabs Skills, Tools and
Jobs for users to see all their courses progress and badges earned, along
with a Tools tab with access to a free Cloud account, Demos and Product
trials. Also added is a Job bookmarking feature where a user can bookmark
their favorite jobs from Job Advisor tool and view their bookmarked jobs on
their Dashboard Jobs tab.
6) many new inspiration ideas in the Innovator Get Inspired page over 74
7) a brand new underlying architecture and design based on the latest
microservices technology, multi-tenancy support, dynamic updates, easier
content development platform, DevOps, performance improvements and much

Check it out at

It is available free of charge.



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