Day 3 Talk2Facebook ~ Human Rights & Transparency

Interesting share from Twahir,
My experience on wether my post on FB would attract govt surveillance is not there, I guess because my critique for government is always substantiated 😉
As for Transparency reports, I was used to Google Transparency Reports and did not FB has similar one. I found the FB Transparency report but it looks like it is not regularly updated (seems be about 1yr old).

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Facebook Transparency Report | Gov Data…

Finally, I would like to know the FB procedure for reporting terrorism activities and understanding the internal decision making process of if or when they decide to shutdown the activity.
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Good morning Listers,
Friday is the best days of week 😊. My comments inline below

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It’s a Furahiday, Day 3of Talk2Facebook, today we scrutinize Facebook from the Human Rights &Transparency angle!

Some of the basichuman rights include freedom of expression, association, opinion amongstothers. Transparency of FB with regard to how it handles user data is paramountto achieving these human rights. . Share your comments, experiences, andchallenges with regard to Facebook Services along the following themes:

a) Do you feelFacebook may share your posts with state actors under the various surveillanceregimes in a way that threatens your ability to express yourself online?

Facebook and all other data handling institutions across the board DO share our data with state agents within and without the country. This brings out the issue of internet governance to the fore, to strike a balance between personal privacy and the general good of the Global citizenry. Many a time the call for general good is abused at the detriment of a person’s privacy.

b) Do you getregular Transparency reports on how many times FB has legally shared user datawith State Agencies?

Unfortunately I don’t think many a user are even aware that such reports exist. This calls for corporate responsibility from FB to its users.

This also revolves around the FINE PRINT during sign up. FB would defend itself that such and such is stated in terms and conditions of use. This is where A LOT of dishonesty from the corporate world is perpetrated.

c) Some Terroristshave broadcasted their heinous crimes on FBLive. Do you think FB has actedswiftly to address these and other types of crimes?

I doubt if all such acts have been swiftly cut off. On this I don’t think we can pin FB down on this as human nature is rebellious and despite controls some smart guy would evade and go through.


Tomorrow we wrap up onthe “Connectivity” topic, we look forward to hearing from you today on HumanRights & Transparency!

Feel free to comment on any of the previous topics under their respective thread. Thank you for the interaction sofar!


Happy Furahi Day!


Rest of the Program:

Day 4: Connectivity &Wrap Up


Warm Regards,

Tr. Karis

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