Day 3 of Talk to the Senate (2017-2022 Priorities)

On top of the great suggestions for counties, Senate ICT Committee should
champion use of ICTs for public participation even at Parliament. I noticed
that for example, most of the time we are discussing a Bill, we are never
sure of the version and Bunge does not post the same Bill/links on its site.
Going beyond participation is feedback. We contribute our input but never
know whether it was of any use. Why cant committee reports be uploaded
regularly? Why can’t our submissions be published so that anyone who ever
wants to learn about the issue can see the issues behind the issue? Would
it be possible to let the public follow the life of a Bill they have
interest in online as it moves through the House?
Do committees have public communication channels? It would be nice to
follow the ICT Committee on social media to learn its agenda etc. Such
information would somehow trickle to radio, newspapers and other media and
hopefully contribute to diversifying local content.
On public information, I notice that both Houses have a tv channel. But the
channels go blank when Houses are not in session? Can Senate use the non
live broadcasting time to show committee sessions or educate the public on
the many aspects of the legislature?

Wishing the committee all the best,

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