Day 3 of Talk to the Senate (2017-2022 Priorities)

Good Morning, Kanini, et al,

(b) How can we leverage on ICT to achieve effective public participation?

CRMs must be deployed within every county. The data centers can/should be
centralized, backed up, elsewhere in Kenya, but mini data centers (fitting
in 2 or 3 different containers) should be within county premises.

County residents should be able to locally access and provide information,
not just via the web, but via physical, digital displays or dashboards in
county offices.

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) are *internal* tools to manage/track
internal resources (assets).

CRMs’ on the other hand are designed to enable more engagement with “
*outsiders*”, that is citizens/customers, to track service delivery
matters such as workflows, case management, etc.

For example, through a County CRM, a citizen/resident may be able to
electronically report a leaking sewer pipe/waste causing cholera at the
market eatery it passes through.

Google searches..

(i) “CRM”
Sadly, ERP (revenue collection not service delivery requirements or
results) links show up.

(ii) Google “CRM”
..including page 2 of the results, come up for one of the best managed
cities in South Africa.

Cape Town is still ahead of Nairobi even if they have a major water problem
due to miscalculated policies.

How can we begin to find “CRM” results online?

(i) Create via legislation, Chief Customer Officer and Chief Information
Officer positions.

Role of these two officers will include charting the way forward in their
counties in procuring CRMs’ (which help provide feedback on service
delivery, after County executives have collected, allocated revenues).

(ii) CRM tenders should be advertised online, 90 days prior, to the
selection of interested local firms. Local firms which understand the
culture of locals in those particular counties.

In one county, the CRM needs to help track illegal breweries, in another,
cattle rustling, in the other, blowing up of telco masts (destruction of
public utilities).

These are not the kind of tenders to be dished out at night clubs or hotels.

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